The nightmare of buying an Acton Blink S2: Boardless summer.

tEASHHdzLooking through all available electric skateboards, I decided upon the Acton Blink S2 and ordered one early June 2017.

Little did I know that this was the beginning of a summer without a board — and the dark nightmare of Acton Global.

As it turned out, the board Blink S2 I had ordered and payed for (USD 1,029 or around SEK 9,000 including freight) did not yet exist. Ive made a pre-order, without knowing it (I can’t say that Acton was overly keen on telling me).

But not to worry, as I was told via an email on June 8th:

Hi Henrik

Thanks for reaching out to us and shopping at ACTON Store. Your BLINK S2 will be ready to ship out later this month. You’ll receive the tracking information once your order is shipped. Thanks again for your support and patience.


As I waited all June, nothing happened, tho. On July 3rd, I mailed Acton, as such:

Dear friends at Acton,

Just a restless question, regarding that the end of June now has passed. Any news about my board being on its way soon?

all the best

At this point, Acton stopped answering mail. So I tried the Acton Facebook page instead, and met a friendlier crew. Unfortunately, they auto-answer every mess with the same message:

Thanks for messaging us. General questions may be answered here. Otherwise, if you have any questions regarding your order, please email We cannot provide any Order details or information via Facebook messaging.

With no one answering mails at, this was a bit strange. But anyway! The Facebook guys actually answered! On July 3rd they told me:

Hey Henrik, So last week we’ve shipped out 400+ S2’s. Judging by your Order number, I believe you will be our next shipment of S2’s, which has already arrived to the States.

On the way to the States*

Should arrive very shorty.

As I said, friendly. But a bit fuzzy. By July 12th, nothing had happened. So I sent a message on Facebook, receiving this answer:

I have a DHL tracking # for you.

WAYBILL 82 0430 8755

hm wait a minute I think that is the wrong one

you ordered an S2?

yours is booking for freight this week. Stay tuned to the blog for an exact sailing date!

Ok. Following the blog, it finally gave me some info:

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great week. Let get into this week’s update: […] Blink S2 […] Shipment has left our factory on 7/19. Ocean freight is scheduled to depart on 7/28. ETA to France is 8/29.

August 29th! For arrival to… France! And how long from there to me in Sweden? And how about customs and everything? Could this delay actually be true?

As usual no respone from Acton via email.

But the Facebook guys answered, about the shipment date, which had moved itself from June to August/September somewhere:

Sorry to say, but that is correct :C

Whether I am ever going to get my Acton Blink S2 I don’t know.

But I do know, that had I known that purchasing a board from Acton meant loosing USD 1,029 and not having a board all summer… Well.

Lets just say that their dealing with their fan base and customers leave a lot to be desired. Sure, things mess up. Plans crash. But how about communicating that to the customer?

Come on Acton, show us that you can be better than this. There are some of us that want to stand out and not ride a Boosted Board. Even though now I feel, I have to. Friends of ESK8 Sweden who order Boosted actually get them.



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