Bang for the Buck: Koowheel D3M Review

ProductKoowheel D3M.

Henrik Arnstad
Martin Blodau

20663932_1391638424284952_4004163600541101203_n.jpgUpdate! Martin reports (august 10th, 2017) that the board broke down on him, after using it for six weeks. More on this soon.

This low-budget challenger to the Boosted Board domination is said to have a range of 35-60 km and a top speed of 40 km/h. Thats all lies. But nevertheless, the board is a bargain for its price — and we quite like it!

The Pros:

  • The price! You can get your hands on one of these for around SEK 5,000 (ranging from SEK 4,800 to SEK 5,995). That is, you’ll get three Koowheels for the price of one Boosted Board V2.
  • The battery! It’s easy to swap for a spare one.
  • The looks. Koowheel is sleek and cool.
  • The fun! Ridning the board is a gaz! Its fast as long as your not going too much up hill. and it handels very well.

72.jpgThe Cons:

  • Lies. Why is the manufacturer claiming that the board’s range is enormous, while in reality it is a modest but perfectly ok 15 km (more or less)? Why claim a top speed that doesn’t correspond to a perfectly ok reality of like 25 km/h (flat ground)? We don’t know.
  • Its not a Boosted Board V2. Of course not. Not for that price. And you can feel it, if you’ve ever ridden a Boosted.
  • There are some more things. Like a problem with the remote. Watch our review video above!

The verdict:

It’s a great board — for the price. It all comes down what you want. Something cheap that gives you a fun and perfectly acceptable ride. Or something expensive which gives you more cred on the streets and better prestanda, quality, etc. We like the Koowheel! It gets three ESK8’s out of five!

cropped-education__science_2_19-5123.png cropped-education__science_2_19-5123.png cropped-education__science_2_19-5123.png




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