Cheap Tough Guy: Airwheel M3 Review

Product: Airwheel M3.
Reviewer: Henrik Arnstad.

I bought my Airwheel M3-board during spring and tested it for about a month, before I decided to return it. Anyway, for just SEK 4.000 it’s certainly not expensive. Here’s the pros and cons.

Honestly, the Airwheel M3 looks kinda cool. A bad boy? A tough guy? Yea, ok.

It has huge wheels that makes it good for bumpy roads. I’ve even tried it off road, with… well… passable, but not comfortable, results. The board is also easily available, even in Sweden. So — what’s the problem?

airwheel_m3_eldriven_skateboard_mfjarr-36880864-1.jpgFirst of all, the board is ridiculously heavy. It weighs almost 12kg! Carrying this board during extended walks is some kind of body building experience. It actually gave me a callus on my left hand. And forget attaching it to a backpack. Its just too heavy for that.

We also had some other problems, making it impossible to keep the board. Mainly, the remote constantly looses connection to the board. And when that happens, the board stops. Suddenly and dramatically. Resulting in near death experiences when rolling in high speeds.

+ The pros.

  • Looks kinda nice, doesn’t it?
  • It is certainly affordable.
  • Big wheels means good handling of bumps, cracks and even some off road experiments.
  • Kicktail means being able to make those quick turns.

– The cons.

  • It is sooo heavy, you can’t imagine. Really.
  • The remote constantly looses contact with the board, resulting in sudden and dangerous stops.
  • The brakes are way to sudden.

Bottom line, despite the low price, this board is not worth the money. Get something slightly more expensive instead. Maybe an Acton Blink Lite or a Yuneec E-Go2? We will keep on reviewing boards. Sayonara!

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