Rule Britannia? The Ridge EL1 is a tiny esk8 for only SEK 2.000!

Ridge_EL1_bcL073_021_-_Copy_grandeStumbling over the Ridge EL1 on the internet, we couldn’t resist buying one. It was only SEK 2.000 (EUR 208) incl. shipping to Sweden.

And that is not expensive for an esk8.

This is such an unusual thing as a British electric skateboard. So will it be “rule Britannia” — or will it be BREXIT? We’ll soon find out. As soon as we get it, we will start working on the review.

Obviously, the EL1 challenges Acton Blink Lite in the “cheap and tiny” spectrum of esk8:ing. Which is fine! These boards are perfect for travel and so on. They are not fast, but they are easy to handle.

Some specs from Ridge, regarding the EL1:

  • Price SEK 1.900:- plus shipping.
  • 10km range.
  • 16km/h top speed.
  • Weight 3.5kg.
  • 70mm wheels.

Compare this to the Acton Blink Lite:

  • Price SEK 2.500:- plus shipping.
  • 8 km range.
  • 16km/h top speed.
  • Weight 3.6kg.
  • 70mm wheels.

Lets see how the Ridge EL1 works out in real life. Soon on Stay tuned!

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