Hey handsome! Acton Blink S2 review.

Product: Acton Blink S2.

Henrik Arnstad

Having had our eyes on the Acton Blink S2 since spring 2017, getting it was both heaven and hell. Heaven riding it, hell buying it. But All’s Well That Ends Well, right?

First of all, the Acton Blink S2 is just gorgeous. It is pure beauty. Its the best looking board-thing I have ever seen in my life. And that counts for a lot, in my book. I want my things to be pleasing. Or as the late Steve Jobs said, about Microsoft:

mnxhutxk0cmfoawusvjx.png.jpegThe only problem with Microsoft is they just have no taste. They have absolutely no taste. And I don’t mean that in a small way, I mean that in a big way. They don’t bring much culture into their products.

Well, the Blink S2 is a board for Apple users. It has taste. It has swag. But as the great Steve Jobs also said; “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” So how does the S2 work?

Before answering that question, we have to say that we’ve learned something important about the current state of electric skateboards. Its all about quality. That is, we’ve tried great boards — that broke after a few weeks. Stopped working. Failed.

We will get back to you somewhere in the near future, to tell you if the S2 is still working. So anyway, how does the S2 work?

It works beautifully! I absolutely love it. But know this, the S2 is not your Ferrari, like so many other esk8:s out there (competing to be this and that faster than the almighty Boosted Board V2). The S2 is some kind of fancy volkswagen, getting-the-job-done-in-a-stylish-way kinda board. And that was exactly what I wanted.


Its fast, nimble and agile. Agreed. But not as fast as belt-driven boards. It gets up these steep climbing roads, agreed. But not as fast as belt-driven boards. It accelerates fast enough to push you off the board, if you’re not careful. But not as fast as belt-driven boards. Well, you get it, right?

Skärmavbild 2017-09-13 kl. 14.46.51Anyway. We have already written about the nightmare of being an Acton-customer. How they promised us to deliver the board in June, then stalling all summer (including all those lies about the board being on its way) and finally in september — when we said “deliver or cancel our order”– shipping the board. Thus making us miss out on the entire (and very short) Swedish summer. And not compensating us in any way. Not even giving one of those backpacks, huh? Oh well.

So here’s the pros and cons:

The pros:

  • Stunningly beautiful board, clearly designed by people who loves skateboards. I mean… wow!
  • Fast, agile and nimble with dual motors. Climbs the hills and is fast enough. Ive downgraded to “normal” mode, because I think thats fast enough, thank you very much.
  • Nice enough range!
  • We love the LED headlights, the blinking red tail lights and the glowing side-bars. Way cool!
  • Not too expensive, at around SEK 10,000. But sure, there are cheaper boards out there (Meepo!) with good prestanda.

Fil 2017-09-13 14 41 23.jpegThe cons:

  • Acton stinks.
  • The Acton app is a bit meaningless.
  • The only way to check remaining battery is opening the app.

So, bottom line. I want this board to keep on living, I want this board to be of durable quality. Because I love it.

When people enter my home, the S2 is the first thing they see. Because it sort of represents me now. Were officially a couple. Bye!



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