Mind your head! Here’s ESK8 Sweden’s Helmet Feature 2017.

According to medical expertise, head injuries pose the greatest danger to skateboarders. These can involve time in a hospital, permanent impairment, and — in extreme cases — death.

Considering that electric skateboards are much faster than ordinary skateboards, head injuries pose an even greater danger to us ESK8:ers. So how about not being an idiot? Wear a helmet! ESK8 Sweden has taken a glimpse on the market and here’s our list of cool helmets 2017-2018. Enjoy!

Skärmavbild 2017-09-16 kl. 15.24.03

IMG_0018OCCANO U Mips Inmold Hlm (SEK 400:- at Stadium). Straightforward skateboard helmet. Cool and good looking, this helmet features mips (Multidirectional Impact Protection System) which makes is extra safe. Comfortable, adjustable, stylish. We like it!


Lazer Next+ Extreme Sports Helmet (SEK 500:-). We found this Lazer helmet at a tiny sport shop in Sigtuna, but it’s available all over the internet. Couldn’t resist buying it, just because it was sooo cool, with the little shade-thingie and all. Very comfortable to wear as well!

Skärmavbild 2017-09-16 kl. 15.41.31.png

TSG Pass Helmet (USD 240:- at amazon.com). Seriously; when riding electric skateboards, you should have a glance at full-face downhill longboard racing helmets, considering the speed. You still want that lower jaw bone, after a crash, we promise you. TSG Pass is one of the helmets you might want to have a look at. And besides being safe, it’s gorgeous, nes pas?


Triple 8 Snow W/AUDIO (USD 80:- at triple8.com). You want music when riding, right? Well you can either try to fipple your headphones inside your helmet — or buy a helmet with built in headphones. We choose the latter. And the Triple8 does this very neatly, including using a chord instead of that horrible hazzle with bluetooth. Or have a look at the Receptor BUG Communication with Beats by Dr. Dre.

Skärmavbild 2017-09-16 kl. 15.46.00.png

S1 Lifer Visor (USD 119:- at sk8ratz.com). A visor is a good thing when riding electric skateboards, not only managing bugs and other random stuff that gets into your eyes, but also when it is raining. The S1 Lifer Visor is made for roller derby, but looks great also on an esk8:er.

Thats it for now. Take care when esk8:ing! Love you all!

Model: Cindy “the Falcon” Falquet.

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