Britannia rules the electric skateboards? Reviewing the Ridge EL1.

The EL1 is an electric skateboard from Liverpool-based Ridge. It is inexpensive, small and light. Handy when travelling, good looking and quite fun. But is it good?

Skärmavbild 2017-09-25 kl. 13.38.47.pngAfter riding the board for a few weeks, we quite like it. The official price on the Ridge website is SEK 3,800 (GBP 350:-), but on amazon it’s only SEK 1,900:- (EUR 200:-) plus shipping.

So if you want the board, mail Ridge and ask them about the price.

More often then not, we find ourself bringing the Ridge when going out. It’s so handy! And as long as the riding is on flat terrain, everything is fine. But when there a bit of uphill riding, the board gets very slow indeed. And it doesn’t take much to stop it completely.

Another problem is that the remote seems to loose control with the board every now and then. Which is especially scary when one wants to use the brake. The weak motor also means weak breaking capability, which is also a bit frightening. But one learns to take it easy.

At one point, the motor wheel stopped working:

We mailed this video to Ridge, they looked at it and told us to jank the wheel outwards. Which we did. And the board started working again!

Some specs from Ridge, regarding the EL1:

  • 10km range (we usually get around half of that).
  • 16km/h top speed (and thats what we usually get).
  • Weight 3.5kg.
  • 70mm wheels.

So here’s the pros and cons:

The pros:

  1. hug.pngGreat looking board! People stop us in the streets and wants to hug it. Literally!
  2. Very light and easy to carry.
  3. Easy to check how much battery you got left, on the side of the board. And thanks for not forcing us to download another phone app!
  4. Inexpensive.

The cons:

  1. Weak motor, which you notice especially when going up hill. Tis used to be ok, considering the price. But now there’s able boards in the same price range, like Meepo.
  2. Unreliable communication between the remote and the board.
  3. The small size makes the board a bit dangerous, because it can not handle things like curbs as well as bigger boards. Take it easy!

1.jpgBottom line; if you want something small and easy to handle, this may be a board for you. An obvious contender is the Acton Blink Lite. But we like British stuff! So it’s all up to what you like. And the Ridge is better looking than the Acton!

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