Introducing the Meepo Penny Dual

Hyped Meepo is extending their range of esk8:s into the hot segment of electric penny-boards, introducing the Meepo Penny Dual.

Skärmavbild 2017-10-11 kl. 16.40.10Already much talked about via their electric longboard, Meepo is introducing a dual-motor penny board, thus competing with the Acton Blink Lite and the Ridge EL1, which we recently reviewed.

Having twin motors, the Meepo Penny Dual could be a bit more powerful than the mainly single-motor competition. It’s hard to tell, though, since the Meepo has dual 120 watts-engines, wehere as the Acton Blink Lite has a single 450 watt engine. So more watts on the Acton, that is.

The Meepo Penny Dual certainly is inexpensive at SEK 1,900:- (USD 229). But adding shipping from the USA to Sweden, it adds up to SEK 2,800:-. And then there may be taxes and customs on top of that.

Anyway, hopefully ESK8 Sweden will someday lay our dirty hands on one of those Meepo Penny Duals, and have our own say concerning the mysteries of this exciting new board.


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