Unboxing the 70 dollar electric skateboard

The Swedish ESK8-community was in frenzy the other night, when the well known retailer Hobbex suddenly sold an electric skateboard for only SEK 590, that being approximately USD 70.

Hobbex left, Ridge right.

“I don’t care if its crap, Ill buy one for that price”, said some. Others bought two. You’ll get one year warranty, when buying the board. So how much crap can it be?

ESK8 Sweden ordered one. It arrived a few minutes ago and we are charging up it’s batteries as we speak.

Meanwhile, here’s some unboxing pics. As you can see it is slightly bigger than our Ridge EL1, which is the same size as an Acton Blink Lite. So a bit more board to skate, which we think is only a good thing (around 4 kg’s instead of the Ridge’s 3.5 kg).

Stay tuned for more! And oh, by the way. Hobbex has now raised the price to SEK 1,290:- (approximately USD 150). Bummer! Still cheap, tho.



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