Boosted Board Mini: Isn’t she ugly?

Skärmavbild 2018-04-18 kl. 15.50.52.png
Press Reset doing gymnastics.

Reports are beginning to pour in regarding the new Boosted Board electric skateboards, particularly regarding the smaller Boosted Board Mini series (Mini S and Mini X).

Skärmavbild 2018-04-18 kl. 15.51.06.pngApparently, it has been possible to try these mini-boards in New York and of course, mr. Boosted Boards aficionado himself — famous youtuber Casey Neistat — got one specially delivered to him. But more about lucky mr. Neistat later.

First of all, there’s a question regarding looks. Aren’t the Boosted Board Mini-boards downright ugly? Am I the only one thinking these things are hideous?

Skärmavbild 2018-04-18 kl. 16.07.50
Bolt. Sassy.

A huge part of the esk8:ing experience is about feeling cool and is that possible on such a trub-nosed foul looking thingie like the Boosted Board Mini?

Be it Mini S or Mini X, these boards has nothing of the sassyness of, lets say, a Bolt Electric Skateboard.


One of a our favourite youtubers Press Reset initial reaction to the Boosted Board Mini S is that it isn’t very “mini” at all.

He is surprised how heavy it is. Not something you easily strap onto you backpack. Have a look at Press Reset’s video here:

The weight of the Mini S is 6,8 kg and the Mini X weighs in at 7,7 kg. Otherwise mr. Press Reset seems to appreciate the overall quality of the board. After all, quality is what really sets good boards apart from bad boards, more than speed and range.

Mr. Casey Neistat is happy as a picnic basket regarding the Mini. No complaints about the weight here:

Notably, Boosted Board is sticking with the belt drive system, unlike other manufacturers  who generally has gone into in-wheel hub motors. To me, there’s a good reson for this; branding.

The Boosted Board brand is connected to the specific F16-fighter-jet-sound of a belt drive, whizzing away on the asphalt. Some like it, some hate it. I love it. So I think it was a wise brand decision to keep the belt drive on the Mini.

Especially, since its ugly.




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