Reviewing the Riptide R1 — the travelling board

For quite some time, we’ve been looking for a good travelling board. Small, light and easy to carry — yet powerful enough to actually be useful as a transportation device.

R1-Isometric_be3df7ab-9713-4074-9a09-90eeb0f99f16_2048xFor the last few days we tried out the Riptide R1 electric skateboard, and it actually does the job pretty good!

It’s a belt driven electric skateboard. Top speed around 30 kmh and range around 10 km. It works well, carrying the rider from the train station or bus stop to the hotel. The battery is below 100 watt-hours (97 wh), so it’s allowed as hand luggage on the airplane.

Riding the board, it has that street skate feeling to it, different from the usual longboard experience of electric boards.


  • Looks bad-ass.
  • Easy to carry with built in handles and weighs only 6 kg.
  • Powerful belt drive.


  • The remote sucks, cheap plastic stuff.
  • The design solution of the back of the board makes it vulnerable to damage.

Skärmavbild 2018-09-22 kl. 10.47.56.pngA huge thank you to who let us borrow the board, in order to review it, with no string attached. They sell the Riptide R1 for SEK 6.500:-.


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