Mellow kommer till Stockholm

Torsdag 16 augusti kl 18 kommer esk8-företaget Mellow till Stockholm, då de arrangerar “longboard cruise”, med utgångspunkt från skatebutiken Kahalani (Östgötagatan 20 på Södermalm). Mellow skriver på Facebook-eventet “Mellow Stockholm Experience”: We are coming to Sweden 🇸🇪 😄We’ll be in town during the Stockholm Culture Festival with test rides, sessions and electric skateboard workshops around…

Dedicated ESK8-shop opening in Stockholm

Saturday April 7th, the brand new esk8-shop “E-skate Kompaniet” opens at Vanadisvägen 30, Stockholm. Selling accessories and clothing as well as electric skateboards, the grand opening Saturday seems an esk8 event not to be missed. ESK8 SWEDEN will certainly be there. The shop is already selling boards online; bamboo, one wheel, and GT.

Indoor esk8 group ride goin’ all gokart

Thanks to the heroism of Daniel “lazyrolling” Linder, we all went indoor esk8:ing on the 20th of March, 2018. Daniel fixed us up in the Kista garage gokart range. It was all sweetness and love!

Indoor ESK8 at Kista galleria

Tuesday March 20, 2018, at 7pm, the Swedish ESK8 community meets in Kista, north of Stockholm, for some indoor e-skating. Yes, its true! The majestic Daniel Linder has made a deal with the Kista Galleria go-cart course, letting us race with our boards, without confronting the snowy ice-vold Swedish winter streets. Thanks, Daniel! Oh the…

Boosted Boards visiting Stockholm

Sunday september 24th Stockholm was the object of californiacation, as the nice people at Boosted Boards visited Södermalm and the Kahalani skateshop. Everybody was happy. The rideout was awesome. And I got a t-shirt!

“Boosted Sweden Visit Group Ride” söndag 24 september

Söndag 24 september kl 16-19 arrangerar Boosted Boards “Boosted Sweden Visit Group Ride” på skejtaffären Kahalani i Stockholm. Boosted Boards skriver på Facebook: What’s up Boosted board riders in Sweden! My name’s Cody and I’m the Sales Manager at Boosted. My coworker Mitchell and I will be in Stockholm later this month visiting one of…

Youtubers we like: Sara Dietschy — it rhymes with peachy!

One of the nicest youtube-experiences is Sara Dietschy. Her name does not only rhyme with peachy, she also has a lot of smart stuff to tell you about esk8:ing. And a lot more (she can teach all you need to know about youtubing as well). Subscribe to Sara’s channel and become a smarter person. You might…