Kahalani börjar sälja Mellow-drive

Legendariska skateboardbutiken Kahalani i Stockholm har börjat sälja Mellow-drive, en elmotor som  användaren monterar på valfri lämplig bräda. Kahalanis pris för ett “Mellow Drive Set” är 19.995 kronor, det vill säga det övre kostnadssegmentet på marknaden. På bilden är motorpaketet monterat på en “King of the Hill”-bräda (1.595 kronor). Kahalani säljer sedan tidigare Boosted Boards…

The ESK8 summer 2018 T-shirt

So here it is, the official ESK8 Sweden T-shirt. Available for SEK 390:- plus shipping. Sizes are S to absurdly huge (5XL). And you will get our official sticker as well. Send an email to info@esk8.se if you want to order a tishie. Sweet. Thanks.

Teamgee H6: The most gorgeous electric longboard ever?

UPDATE MAY 24th: We got it! Review coming! Excellent youtuber Ronnie Sarmiento directed our attention to the new electric longboard Teamgee H6 and we are stunned by its beauty. Its a classic longboard and it doesnt even look like an electric skateboard, because its so thin. Still it seems powerful enough to function as a transport vehicle. Here…

Boosted Board Mini: Isn’t she ugly?

Reports are beginning to pour in regarding the new Boosted Board electric skateboards, particularly regarding the smaller Boosted Board Mini series (Mini S and Mini X). Apparently, it has been possible to try these mini-boards in New York and of course, mr. Boosted Boards aficionado himself — famous youtuber Casey Neistat — got one specially delivered…

Flash: New Boosted Board line-up

Boosted Board presented its hyped new line-up today and here’s what we got: Boosted Stealth (USD 1.699/SEK 14.400), new top-of-the-line, max speed 37 kmh. Boosted Plus (USD 1.499/SEK 12.700), updated classic model, max speed 35 kmh. Boosted Mini S (USD 825/SEK 7.000), small board, max speed 29 kmh. Boosted Mini X (USD 1.099/SEK 9.300), small…

E-skate Kompaniet grand opening

The sun was shining and so was the people coming to E-skate Kompaniet‘s grand opening. Stockholm’s first dedicated esk8-shop! Good luck guys!  

Dedicated ESK8-shop opening in Stockholm

Saturday April 7th, the brand new esk8-shop “E-skate Kompaniet” opens at Vanadisvägen 30, Stockholm. Selling accessories and clothing as well as electric skateboards, the grand opening Saturday seems an esk8 event not to be missed. ESK8 SWEDEN will certainly be there. The shop is already selling boards online; bamboo, one wheel, and GT.

ESK8 Denmark joins the community

The international ESK8 community is now joined by Denmark, as esk8.dk is up and running: https://esk8.dk Great news and good luck to Søren Schrøder, who is making this fine Danish effort. Kamelåså, Søren!

Ingen elfordonspremie till elektriska skateboards

Den 15 december 2017 presenterade regeringen den nya elfordonspremien. Premien “motsvarar 25 procent av inköpspriset inklusive moms, maxbeloppet för bidraget är 10 000 kronor”: Premien gäller för den som köper en ny elcykel, elmoped eller elmotorcykel. Vissa fordon som är avsedda för användning av personer med fysisk funktionsnedsättning omfattas av premien, exempelvis eldriven rullstol och…

Unboxing the 70 dollar electric skateboard

The Swedish ESK8-community was in frenzy the other night, when the well known retailer Hobbex suddenly sold an electric skateboard for only SEK 590, that being approximately USD 70. “I don’t care if its crap, Ill buy one for that price”, said some. Others bought two. You’ll get one year warranty, when buying the board….

Introducing the Meepo Penny Dual

Hyped Meepo is extending their range of esk8:s into the hot segment of electric penny-boards, introducing the Meepo Penny Dual. Already much talked about via their electric longboard, Meepo is introducing a dual-motor penny board, thus competing with the Acton Blink Lite and the Ridge EL1, which we recently reviewed. Having twin motors, the Meepo…