ESK8 Denmark joins the community

The international ESK8 community is now joined by Denmark, as is up and running: Great news and good luck to Søren Schrøder, who is making this fine Danish effort. Kamelåså, Søren!

Ingen elfordonspremie till elektriska skateboards

Den 15 december 2017 presenterade regeringen den nya elfordonspremien. Premien “motsvarar 25 procent av inköpspriset inklusive moms, maxbeloppet för bidraget är 10 000 kronor”: Premien gäller för den som köper en ny elcykel, elmoped eller elmotorcykel. Vissa fordon som är avsedda för användning av personer med fysisk funktionsnedsättning omfattas av premien, exempelvis eldriven rullstol och…

Unboxing the 70 dollar electric skateboard

The Swedish ESK8-community was in frenzy the other night, when the well known retailer Hobbex suddenly sold an electric skateboard for only SEK 590, that being approximately USD 70. “I don’t care if its crap, Ill buy one for that price”, said some. Others bought two. You’ll get one year warranty, when buying the board….

Introducing the Meepo Penny Dual

Hyped Meepo is extending their range of esk8:s into the hot segment of electric penny-boards, introducing the Meepo Penny Dual. Already much talked about via their electric longboard, Meepo is introducing a dual-motor penny board, thus competing with the Acton Blink Lite and the Ridge EL1, which we recently reviewed. Having twin motors, the Meepo…

A Brief History of Electric Skateboards

The site has an interesting article about the origins of the electric skateboard and its history, following the 1997 ban of the gasoline-powered Motoboard (the first mass-produced motorized skateboard), due to noise and pollution. The history of the electric skateboard starts with mr. Louie Finkle (aka Electric Louie), who filed his patent in 1999: In the late 1990’s,…

Finally you can buy a Boosted Board in a regular Stockholm shop

The skateboard shop Kahalani in Stockholm, Sweden, now sells Boosted Boards in the shop. That means no shipping fees (if you buy in the shop of course), thus making the board much cheaper for us Swedes. You can also buy it in the Kahalani web shop, only paying domestic Swedish shipping fees (SEK 49:- with…

Boosted Boards visiting Stockholm

Sunday september 24th Stockholm was the object of californiacation, as the nice people at Boosted Boards visited Södermalm and the Kahalani skateshop. Everybody was happy. The rideout was awesome. And I got a t-shirt!

Tidningen Södermalmsnytt gör reportage om elektriska skateboards

Lokaltidningen Södermalmsnytt gör reportage om elektriska skateboards och ESK8 Sweden: Snabbt och smidigt glider Söderbon och författaren Henrik Arnstad upp för Sankt Paulsgatans backe på sin el-skejtboard. Runt 20 kilometer i timmen rullar brädan under hans fötter. Gas och broms sköter han med en fjärrkontroll. Reporter är Elina Lundberg och fantastiska bilder (samt video) är…

“Boosted Sweden Visit Group Ride” söndag 24 september

Söndag 24 september kl 16-19 arrangerar Boosted Boards “Boosted Sweden Visit Group Ride” på skejtaffären Kahalani i Stockholm. Boosted Boards skriver på Facebook: What’s up Boosted board riders in Sweden! My name’s Cody and I’m the Sales Manager at Boosted. My coworker Mitchell and I will be in Stockholm later this month visiting one of…

Youtubers we like: FabTRAV

Swiss globetrotter Fabian Doerig, a.k.a. FabTRAV, travels the world riding all kinds of electric skateboards (and he also knows how to ride and do tricks on regular skateboards, yay!). We love him! Follow Fabian on youtube for all kinds of information, tests and so forth about esk8. He’s pure esk8 fun!